Juke Free Download

Juke is the one player for all your sound, music, and video documents, and furthermore including music CDs. It enables you to make blended playlists effectively by relocating. Juke plays .wav’s, .mid’s, .mp2’s, .mp3’s, .mod’s, .avi’s, .mpg’s, .mov’s and numerous other record designs. Utilize DirectX modules to transform Juke into an expert music generation framework […]

Explore2fs Free Download

Explore2fs equips you with a graphical UI to get to Linux HDD partitions straightforwardly from Windows. It is able to manage Linux native file systems like EXT2 and EXT3. The product enables you to peruse and oversee Linux local record frameworks. Its interface is spotless, allowing you to see all the parcel organizers in a […]

YamiPod Free Download

With YamiPod you can manage your iPod gadget very easy. As innovation advances, it was to be relied upon for individuals to surrender their Walkman gadgets and supplant them with the fresher iPods. Notwithstanding the higher sound quality, iPods can likewise be associated with PCs so soundtracks can be included effortlessly. A specific programming arrangement […]

XCorder Free Download

Xcorder is a windows freeware sound recorder intended to work mainly with radio receivers but may be used also in several different ways. Main feature of this free software is the ability to start recording only when a signal input is detected, so that it will not record during pauses or when only carrier is […]

GrabCaptureScreen Free Download

There can be occasions when you want to have a screenshot on your computer. Find something you’d like to have a screenshot on your PC. Now save that, and you’ve got an ideal screenshot! All downloads have flexible licensing options which include unlimited copy runs. GrabCaptureScreen is a fast and quick screen capture software. GrabCaptureScreen […]

Camfrog Free Download

Webcams continue getting increasingly more profitable as the technology improves and we’re not even near the clarity that the future will soon bring. Provided that you own a webcam, all you have to do is download Camfrog Video Chat, create a username and begin chatting! Video chat will also permit you to do more with […]