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    Audio Software

    Audio Software   (378 downloads)

    • Free audio editors and players, MP3 and MIDI tools, audio codes and filters, music managers and organizers

    Business Software   (192 downloads)

    • Free business finance software, calculators and converters, presentation software
    Business Software
    Communication and Chat

    Communication and Chat   (187 downloads)

    • Free Internet and LAN chat software, instant messengers, IRC clients, voice and video chat applications

    Desktop Software   (315 downloads)

    • Free desktop gadgets and shell enhancements, cursors, icons, startup logos and visual stuff, application launchers
    Desktop Software
    • Cursors - Free animated cursors and mouse pointers
    • Desktop Gadgets - Free desktop gadgets, desktop tools and visual addons
    • Icons - Free desktop icons and icon theme packs
    • Shell Enhancements - Free desktop shell enhancements, virtual desktop software
    • Shortcuts and Launchers - Free application launchers, shortcut applications
    • Startup Logos - Free startup and shutdown logos, startup and shutdown themes
    • Visual Stuff - Cool effects for your desktop, transparency and virtual shell software
    Developer Tools

    Developer Tools   (352 downloads)

    • Free compilers and debuggers,components and libraries, database software, installation builders, and programmer editors

    Email Software   (159 downloads)

    • Free email clients and servers, antispam software, notification tools and email utilities
    Email Software
    File Management

    File Management   (535 downloads)

    • Free file managers, data backup and recovery software, CD and DVD burners, disk cleanup tools
    • CD and DVD Burners - Free CD and DVD burners, disc burning software
    • CD and DVD Tools - Free CD and DVD tools and utilities, CD and DVD copy software
    • Data Backup - Free data backup software, cloud data backup solutions, online and offline backup tools
    • Data Recovery - Free data recovery software, deleted data recovery tools, lost files recovery software
    • Disk Cleanup - Free disk cleanup tools, disk cleaners, file erasers, secure data wipers
    • File Compression - Free file compression and decompression software, ZIP and RAR Utilities
    • File Managers - Free file managers, file and folder management software
    • File Renamers - Free mass file renamers, auto file and folder rename software
    • File Search - Free file search software, advanced file search utilities, disk search tools
    • File Synchronization - Free file synchronization software, file and folder compare tools, data synchronizers
    • File Utilities - Free file and folder utilities

    Games and Entertainment   (206 downloads)

    • Free full version games, emulators, and game utilities
    Games and Entertainment
    • Emulators - Free gaming computer emulators, virtual gaming machines
    • Full Version Games - Free full version games, online, offline, and multi-player games
    • Game Utilities - Free game utilities, game editors, game cheating software
    Graphics and Photo

    Graphics and Photo   (304 downloads)

    • Free animation software, image converters and resizers, photo organizers and viewers

    Home and Personal   (217 downloads)

    • Free personal information managers, calendar software, notes and reminders
    Home and Personal
    Network and Internet

    Network and Internet   (761 downloads)

    • Free download managers and file sharing software, Internet browsers and browsing tools, FTP clients and servers

    Security Software   (297 downloads)

    • Free antivirus and antispyware software, personal firewalls, encryption and privacy tools
    Security Software
    • AntiSpyware - Free antispyware software, adware removers, hijack and trojan horse detectors
    • AntiVirus - Free antivirus software, virus and Internet worm removers, virus scanners
    • Data Encryption - Free data encryption and decryption software, personal data protection tools
    • Firewalls - Free Internet and network firewalls, network security software
    • Privacy Software - Free privacy software, user access and control software, personal data protection
    • Security Tools - Free security tools, personal security software, computer security utilities
    System Utilities

    System Utilities   (450 downloads)

    • Free computer monitoring and diagnostic software, system tweakers, startup and shutdown utilities, system optimizers
    • Computer Diagnostic - Free computer diagnostic and benchmarking software, system stress-test tools
    • Registry Tools - Free registry editors, cleaners, and optimizers
    • Startup and Shutdown - Free computer startup and shutdown utilities
    • System Monitoring - Free system monitoring software, task managers, hardware and computer component monitoring tools
    • System Tools - Free system tools, power utilities and advanced system maintenance software
    • System Tweaking - Free Windows tweakers and optimizers, power shell tools, system optimizers

    Text and Word Processing   (189 downloads)

    • Free word processors, text editors, readers and viewers, document conversion software
    Text and Word Processing
    Video Software

    Video Software   (277 downloads)

    • Free video converters, editors and players, TV software, video recorders
    • TV Software - Free TV software, HD TV utilities, online TV recorders, IPTV Tools
    • Video Codecs and Filters - Free video codecs and filters, video encoders and encoding software
    • Video Converters - Free video converters, video conversion software
    • Video Editors - Free video editors, video effect makers, video file cutters and joiners
    • Video Players - Free video players, streaming online video, Blu-Ray and DVD players
    • Video Recorders - Free video recorders, video recording and screen capture software
    • Video Tools - Free video tools, various video utilities, tools, and plugins