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    Advanced Diary Free Download

    Use diary software to keep your life organized and record your daily activities


    Advanced Diary is a perfect choice for you if you need a simple and free private digital diary for daily records. First, it supports multiple diaries and multiple entries for a single day. This is a unique feature because no other diary software is capable of keeping multiple diaries in a singe database file. Second, it is clearly structured and easily searched. Interlinking one entry to another is possible as well. Third, there are two available modes – Calendar (show by date) and Document Tree (show by file). The Calendar mode, as the name implies, shows a calendar. A user can access diary entries by simply jumping to a certain date. The Document Tree mode displays a so-called “file tree” so a person can open a desired file immediately. Since both modes have their advantages and disadvantages, it’s smart to switch between them, depending on situation.

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    WindowsOperating System

    Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8


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    Version 5.0 Changelog (Updated on January 24, 2018)

    New database engine without any limitations to database file size or records count.
    Advanced Diary works much faster with huge files.
    New Database Manager will show active database file size, records and attachments count.
    Strong database protection and encryption using AES algorithms.

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