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    Telescope Free Download

    search the internet via multiple search engines


    Telescope is a metasearch engine for Windows, which automates web searching by combining results from several search engines. In addition to general web searching, it can access results from web directories, image search engines, news web sites, encyclopedias, and free software archives. It searches 38 search engines including 7 in the web category.

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    WindowsOperating System

    Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8


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    Great Searcher

    Telescope is great. An alternative to the Google monopoly and the engines are well chosen. It's a valuable addition to any keen websearchers toolbox.

    I would like just one improvement: An easier way to add more search engines.Written by Alan Jones on October 21, 2016


    Version 7.7.1 Changelog (Updated on June 18, 2007)

    Export to CSV (comma-separated values)
    Choice of browsers from Options menu (compatibility unknown)
    Fixed links to Windows Live Search, Google Images, and
    Replaced "Moreover" with Windows Live News
    Moved Save As, Open, etc. back to File menu

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